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DataBaGG Cloud Storage Now Offers Recovery in Less Than Five Minutes

July 5, 2017

Although cloud computing has been around for years, disaster recovery in the cloud is comparatively new conception. Like most technology trends, there is significant hype and misconception out there. Here we will try to dig out the top cloud disaster recovery concerns like security and data recovery, and whether or not disaster recovery in the cloud is an ideal choice for your business. And more importantly, how DataBaGG can help you recover your files in less than five minutes.

Data Storage

DataBaGG, a leading online cloud storage services provider, is equipped with the latest version of Disaster Recovery- as- a-Service (DRaaS) that promises to recover your data in less than five minutes. The DataBaGG’s DRaaS has been launched keeping the security of virtual and physical servers in the cloud. It does not require a local appliance and allows managed service providers and companies to run a virtualized native network in the cloud.

“The latest version of DRaaS consists of upgrades that clients have requested for since the service was originally rolled out”, Mr. Anuj Bairathi, DataBaGG CEO said, adding “The latest version has also the capabilities of automatic disaster recovery and failback.”

“We actually realize that we have successfully been able to assess the real need of customers”, Mr. Bairathi added.

Additionally, DataBaGG cloud storage built in a pre-customized capability for the network, VPN and firewall configuration during onboarding to the cloud. DataBaGG prepares up-front configuration of the firewall, network, and VPN connectivity. The price for the service is charged on a monthly, per-gigabyte storage cost and the amount of RAM utilized.

Furthermore, Mr. Bairathi pointed out the issue, “We are a cloud service provider and there are intricacies attached to network configuration.”

The DataBaGG cloud DRaaS that targets MSPs and enterprise businesses can safeguard at least 100 physical or virtual servers. The Data Recovery as a service offering has built-in WAN optimization that moves up to 5 TB of data in 24 hours for recovery and backup.  This offering is also optimized for datasets that are up to 500 TB.

DRaaS of DataBaGG provides support to multiple servers, applications, native networks and miscellaneous operating system platforms. It can help boost up physical and virtual systems in the cloud through a virtual private network or Remote Desktop Protocol connections. It can also make multiple copies of native file systems and map a local drive in the cloud to recover individual files or complete server images.

The motif of DataBaGG is to target small-to-medium businesses and partners and it offers a “no data corruption” guarantee. Its management portal allows for last configuration and a software perform transportation tasks (to-and-fro) from the cloud. They offer standard-based, stateless architecture, apart from the capability to handle multi-tenant data storage.

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