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Enterprise Mobility Solutions – Challenges in The Near Future

March 5, 2018

In an age when everything around the world seems to run on technology, why should the employees and workers of organizations feel left out? Enterprise mobility solutions are one of the best ways in which people can avail of more freedom and flexibility in the way they work. This has shown a much higher level of productivity along with a higher level of employee satisfaction. How often does one get a win-win situation for all parties involved!!!

This shift in the way in which people now work can be confirmed by the fact that by 2017, 43% of Americans had worked moderately at least on the part-time basis. Nowadays, having a flexible schedule and the option of working remotely plays a huge part in selecting or leaving a job. We will now have a look at some of the ways in which enterprise mobility solutions could face some difficulty in the time to come.

Adapting new programs

There are a lot of companies out there which have looked to improve their systems but unfortunately for these companies, they have not been able to adapt the existing systems to the newly introduced programs. This is vital to the success of the organization. The biggest problem lies in the fact that businesses around the world cannot accumulate the desired skill set in terms of operating, supporting and planning of the newly acquired mobile technologies. The best way, in this case, is to keep a lookout for any sort of problem and address it at the earliest possible. This would definitely help the various sections of the company to adapt.

Continual upgradation

In today’s day and age, it is a must for each and every company to keep a track on the markets and continually upgrade their enterprise mobility solutions to keep up with their competitors. It is not easy for everyone due to reasons like finance and manpower amongst others but is the only way of ensuring they do not lose their share in the market. With the rising expectations and demands of customers, the sole way to keep them happy is to give regular attention to every little detail and immediately tend to any hindrance encountered.

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As with almost everything else, security is a major factor for enterprise mobility ever since inception. Now there are even more complexities because of the era of bring-your-own-device (BYOD). The biggest deterrence is caused by the inbuilt requirement which gives access to multiple locations and devices and this often has the single biggest influence on the outcome of the system. There is a major need to have a standardized set of compliances and regulations in place to safeguard against the various threats that may be encountered.

Finding the right number of appropriately skilled workers

As the past has shown and as the present is showing, there is a huge dearth in the number of skill sets that one requires to possess in complex technological fields like cybersecurity and networking. This has also affected enterprise mobility solutions and looks to be the case in the near future as these gaps do not look like they will be filled anytime soon.

Maximum utilization of workers

Companies all around the world try to get the best of their employees by affording them as much flexibility and independence as possible to keep them happy. It is not always easy to have satisfied or motivated employees. It is best to always keep them occupied in a positive manner by setting up workshops and presentations of which they can be a part to learn things like best practices while building their core competencies for the various technologies used in the business world. It is the company’s loss if they fail to get the maximum out of each and every employee.

Most of these abovementioned challenges to enterprise mobility solutions could cause a major threat if they are not adhered to with the utmost care at the soonest. Only the ones who choose the correct mix of platforms, devices, technologies and tools, will manage to overcome these challenges without too much difficulty. The most amount of difficulty will probably lie in making the employees proficient with the new system. After all, everyone is not technologically gifted and there are quite a few who are less suited to these types of complexities. As with a jigsaw, all the pieces need to be carefully looked into so that a solution for the puzzle can be found.

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