Is It Worth Keeping Your Old Tablet Or Should You Get An IPad?

March 27, 2018

The Android tablet market has been remarkably stale off late. There haven’t been any new or remarkable launches in a long time and most OEM’s and manufacturers are turning their focus to improving the smartphone end of things. The reason behind this immense lack of innovation in the Android segment has to do with how much Apple has improved the software end of things on their iPad. Apple’s tablets are no longer what they used to be and with the current version of the iOS, they are actual productivity devices that the user can carry around.

So why then isn’t android trying to compete?

The truth of the matter is that Google hasn’t completely abandoned the tablet end of things, even though they aren’t as popular. The existence of the Pixel Book is hard evidence to this fact but at the moment everyone seems to be so obsessed over removing bezels from their phones, that there hasn’t been any real innovation in the tablet end of things from manufacturers. And although Google’s pixel book exists, it has nowhere near the capability to be as productive as iOS as of this moment.

So will Android tablets make a comeback?

As of yet, not many details are known about the future of Android tablets but it doesn’t seem like they are going away anytime soon. The major issue with Apple’s iPad is that it costs a whopper and you’d have to pay astronomical amounts should you have to repair it anytime soon. Their restrictive designs make for really bad reparability and Apple also tends to throttle down performance after the device has crossed a certain age. That’s where the strength of Android lies. The main USP of Android tablets is that even age-old units can be repaired and flashed to run newer software, even though the experience won’t be as fluid. But crucially you can technically core components like the battery in favor of newer ones of your old batteries do die. Also since Android tablets, in particular, don’t have models with ultra-high resolutions or weird form factors, replacement parts are relatively easy.

Take for example my aging Samsung Galaxy Tab J. I bought it not too long ago and after a few months, I was unlucky enough to drop it while I was using it. Inevitably, I smashed the screen and had to take it to my nearest Samsung tablet repair center, where I got a replacement screen for much less than what Apple would’ve charged me for a similarly priced device. But that’s not all, if you have the skills, you can order parts from websites and attempt a Samsung tablet repair yourself as the disassembly process is quite simple.


If you have the money for a new tablet, get an iPad because I don’t think that Android is going to play catch up to iOS anytime soon. But if you are looking for an inexpensive way to get an android tablet, better flash your old one with newer ROMS and save for an iPad. Neither makes any sense buying but the iPad wins it because of its better software.


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