Top Logic’s That Bat for Colocation Hosting

July 6, 2017

Most businesses today prefer to use colocation hosting services instead of building their own on-premise data centers. This trend is growing with every passing day because of certain benefits the colocation hosting services offer.

Colocation Hosting

Some top reasons that convince you to choose colocation hosting services are:


  • Risk Management: Storing your mission critical business data securely with a third-party service provider is a perfect idea to manage your own business risks if hosting primary data in your company’s premise. Many organizations make use of data centers as their “disaster recovery” location so that they can recover their data should there be any unpleasant event happen. While many organization uses the data center as the primary location and their offices as recovery and backups.


  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure of today’s colocation centers are build adhering to the international standards thus meeting modern day’s high-tech hardware needs. Colocation facilities are equipped with cooling systems, power backups, conditioned power, stringent security systems, and so forth in order to deliver uninterrupted services to the clients. It is needless to mention that building of such large IT infrastructure costs the huge amount. Besides, they have engineers around the clock to monitor these entire setups. Achieving colocation like security and services at your on-premise data center may cost you heavily.


  • Bandwidth: Colocation centers have multiple network providers and large bandwidth pipes. This offers several alluring benefits at a fewer price. Using colocation center can save you money while receiving premium bandwidth.


  • Redundancy: Colocation centers are building keeping redundancy as a top priority. A Tier-III data centers have N+1 redundancies built into the key infrastructure, for instance, cooling system, power backup, bandwidth, and networking. This level of redundancies might not be placed at the office place of even a large organization.


  • Security: Security is an area business could afford to compromise. Data centers are usually made secure. Data centers are designed having several layers of security in place. They have restricted access mechanism in sensitive areas, and are monitored round the clock by engineers and entire data centers are under CCTV surveillance. Establish this level of security arrangements in the on-premise datacenter is very tough and expensive.


  • Huge capital expenditure: Capital is one of the biggest factors for businesses, especially for small and medium size businesses. Building a data center requires huge capital investment. Also, you need to hire professionals to monitor and manage it. Another significant factor is that you might not estimate the money you risk to lose in case you are hosting in less reliable location.


  • Scalability: Colocation facility accommodates your ever changing needs. You can start with meager resources (if you are a startup) and can expand hosted solutions instantly. They can increase space, bandwidth, power etc. with hours you make such request.


  • Compliance: Businesses running on-premise data centers usually overlook certain certifications their clients may need. Business may need to prove that they’re protecting their clients’ data. But in the case of colocation hosting, they already have attained such certifications and this way business can save millions annually. Running your own data center need you to hold certifications such as – SSAE16 Type II, HIPAA, PCI, and Safe Harbor. But colocation hosting can make the process of being a certified service provider much easier by permitting auditors to review certifications at colocation center.


  • Less maintenance: For smooth running of the data center, it needs to maintain on the weekly or monthly basis. Maintaining a large IT infrastructure requires the massive amount of money. On the other hand, with colocation hosting, you can save a huge amount of money that can be used to enhance your presence at your colocation center.


  • Support: Colocation hosting services have 24*7 customer support. This enables you to get your problem fixed without taking too much stress as they are available round the clock with best solutions.

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