Top Mobile App Development Challenges Facing Most Brands Today

July 14, 2017
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We are living in the era where mobile apps are the dominant factor in our lives. As apps are everywhere and playing a key role in our lives, many businesses and organizations are now comprehending the real power of creating their own mobile apps. Brands are coming up with awesome ideas to put their business forward in the form of an app.

In the mobile realm, you’ll find nearly endless number of apps and the real reason people are using apps is that they can get their tasks done with just a few clicks without any hassle.

If you are planning to build a mobile app for your business, then you need to focus on what things to consider and what not. This way, you can build an amazing, functional and intuitive app so that it can give a fight to other apps out there and make a good position.

In this blog, I’ve discussed some challenges your brand might face when it comes to mobile app development and how you can overcome such challenges while creating a mobile app.

Build an Outstanding Apps

One of the biggest challenges most mobile app development agencies and business face is creating an app that stands out among thousands of apps. Since there are a number of apps creating every day which are even not seen by individuals. If you don’t want your app to get overlooked by people, then you need to develop an app which is noticeable and functional enough.

Create a mobile app that has awesome features and user-friendly interface. For this you need to ask a few questions to yourself:


  •         What is your targeted audience?
  •         What are their preferences?
  •         What do they need?
  •         What challenges will you be solving for the customers?
  •         What unique feature you are planning to develop in order to improve your app?

Always try to create an app which simple, easy-to-use and solve your prospects’ problems.

Compatible to All Devices

The most challenging part most businesses face is to design the app that will operate on different devices and on different screen sizes. Building an app for the latest platform is not a wise approach, however building an app which will run across multiple devices is simply the best option.

This is the most important thing that brands need to pay close attention to as some limitations such as operating system requirements, screen resolution and different other factors matter most. But how can you fix such issues?

Responsive designing is the only possible solution to deal with such challenge, as this will give your more flexibility to adjust and run your app on a number of platforms and on different sizes and device types. It is highly recommended to test your app on different type of devices prior to launching, so that you ensure that your app is accessible to all sorts of devices.

Creating an Interactive App is Must

An intuitive app that increases the interaction between users and your app is the key to success. But in this fierce mobile world, building an interactive app can be time tough and time-consuming.

There are a lot of things that businesses can do to create interaction between users and an app by using different options of clicks and buttons.

You can make the interaction more tangible by simply using some alternatives like titling, shaking, flipping and more. Such actions will allow your mobile app to functional well and enable users to perform their desired actions.


Don’t Compromise on Simplicity

It is important for your brand to develop an app that is simple enough and user-friendly. Obviously, it can be challenging to build an app that is functional and clear for all users. But to create a simple app you can use some icons and thumbnails to display information.

This will simply create a seamless user experience and improved navigation. To make the app more effective, some mobile app development companies include instructions and tutorials in the app to make it simpler.


App is Functioning Well

When it comes to mobile app development, battery life and app performance are the most important aspects. Most business face the challenge of developing an app without any bugs and errors which uses a minimum battery to run the app.

Once the app is developed, there may be some sort of disrupts including visual effects that flood cache or have difficulty in integrating features on the older versions.

To address these issues, you need to make sure the team of mobile app developers is visualizing and testing the design and proper functioning of the app to avoid any performance issues in the final version.


Promote and Market Your App

When it comes to mobile app marketing, most mobile app developers don’t care much. There are many challenges that businesses face when taking their apps to the market. The fierce competition, tight timelines and lack of right platforms push mobile app developers into keeping mobile app marketing on the back burner.

If truth be told, a successful app is all about only 10% development and 90% marketing. Choosing the right tools and platforms which simplify your marketing can save your time, energy and money. Smore, AppTamin, MobileDevHQ are some tools that help you market your mobile app.


Over to You

With the proliferation of smartphones, it has now become indispensable for nearly every business to create their own app. Seeking help from a mobile app development company can help you design the app as per the needs, preferences and demands of your target market. These companies can face several mobile app development challenges and have ability to create a successful and user-friendly app for your business.


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