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4 Exciting Activities to indulge in on Your Ahmedabad trip

June 20, 2017

Ahmedabad that is the biggest city of Gujarat is encompassed with so much of extensiveness. The city has modified from the time of great Sultan Ahmed Shah and transformed into a bulging metropolis. But the thing that has not changed is its magnificence. The city carries an amazing place in the hearts of visitors and provides a mixture of glorious past and enchanting present.

Once you are under the realm of this city, you will be covered with variety of activities to do. But for exploring the extensiveness of Ahmedabad, you have to visit the city. So, just reserve rooms in one of the top 5 star hotels in Ahmedabad and enjoy plenty of activities. For now, have a look at 4 exciting activities to indulge in on Your Ahmedabad trip.

  1. A Walk-through Museums

Ahmedabad is packed with numerous enlightening and rich museums. A few of the most popular museums of this city are Vechaar Utensils Museum, LalbhaiDalpatbhai Museum, Sardar Patel National Museum, Calico museum of textiles and city museum. These museums are packed with amazing objects and items so as to take you in the realm of glorious history. You must not miss out these museums.

  1. Carry Out a Spiritual Tour

Ahmedabad has many spiritual destinations on its land. Whether you talk about temples, mosques or other shrines, you will find everything therein. Talking about mosques, Jama Masjid and Siddi Sayed Mosque carry a lot of splendour and admiration. On the other hand, temples like Huthising Jain Temple, Akshardham-Temple and Swaminarayan Temple relish a great place in the hearts of visitors.

  1. A Peep into the life of Mahatma Gandhi Through Sabarmati Ashram

If you are in Ahmedabad then you must not skip this ashram. It is a very popular and most visited spot. The Ashram scatters on western bank of River Sabarmati. Here you can experience the aura of the spot that served as a base for the Mahatma Gandhi’s political endeavours and observed him striving out on the popular Dandi March in year 1930. The spot was transformed into an inspiration of hope for followers of non-violent movement in struggle for freedom of India.

Once you begin to explore this ashram, you will get to see a rich museum, library, auditorium and diverse photo galleries. The museum gives the visitors a peep into the life of Gandhiji. Here you can go through the collection of archive of letters inscribed by Gandhiji. Moreover, museum also possesses manuscripts of his varied articles and different films have been composed on life of Gandhiji and the freedom struggle of India. If you want to enrich your knowledge about Mahatma Gandhi then you can easily get some insightful books here.

  1. Natural Sites for Pleasure

If you want to carry out some outing or want to spend some quality time with your friends then you can visit this lake. The lake was built by Sultan Kutubuddin in the fifteenth century and was named Hauj-e-Kutub or QutubHojj. Here you can witness a splendid garden in middle of the lake. The beautiful garden is called Nagina Wadi. There is also Zoo, kids City, Toy Train, Water Rides, Entertainment and much more!

Thus, book your rooms in hotels in Ahmedabad and relish plenty of other activities too along with these four supreme ones.

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