4 Experiences That Make The Best Of Desert Safari In Dubai

March 13, 2018

Dubai is for dreamers! The emirate city is known for its imposing skyscrapers, glittering malls, and exceptional modern architecture. But for every adventurer, Dubai opens up a world of exciting adventure that not too many people are find everywhere. Here’s the best of activities that you can take up with desert safari in Dubai. Add them to your bucket list and you will be in for an astounding treat! Here are the 4 best things to do in Dubai:



  1. Sand skiing

Live the thrill of riding the desert sand as you take to the golden sheet of Dubai desert. If you are up for some ultimate adventure, Dubai offers sand skiing and makes for the perfect place to live your crazy fantasy. The dunes in Dubai are mostly flat but also soar to a height of almost 200-300 meters that are just perfect for sand skiing. Enthral yourself with the shimmering sand underneath your feet, take a plunge, and skid on the great dunes covering the perfect views and great span of the magnificent desert. Sand Skiing is truly the biggest fun activity you can take up in deserts of Dubai.


  1. Quad biking

Riding a quad bike while on a desert safari in Dubai is the ultimate fun for every adventurer. Ride a quad bike and tame the desert sand like a pro, quad biking is for all the thrill seekers. As you ride the quad bike you get tough competition from desert sand and harsh wind. Even desert storms are so frequent in these places. You can ride around the curves and explore the desert like a pro; quad biking is perfect for adventure enthusiasts on a Dubai tour. Quad biking accounts for one of the most fulfilling desert safaris in Dubai. There are plenty of operators who conduct the safari rides and organize the tours


  1. Hot air ballooning

Hot air balloon ride is a different kind of fun that you would love to enjoy in the desert of Dubai. Go flying in a hot air balloon and enjoy the panoramic view of majestic sand dunes and towering skyscrapers of Dubai. The higher you get the better skyline views you get to behold, something that makes the highlight of a desert safari in Dubai. The 360-degree view of the Arabian Desert is truly a sight to behold when you are on a trip to Dubai. The hot air balloons in Dubai can hold upto 24 people at once and soar high up in the air give everyone on board a taste of true thrill.


  1. Sunset views

There’s something special about a sunset in desert. Dubai deserts are endowed with the magical charm that presents the perfect views of surreal sunset views. The orangish surroundings and sun rays scattering over the sand make for breathtaking views and it’s indeed a treat for all the photographers out there.

Plan these activities in a way that you make the best of your Dubai vacations. The desert safari in Dubai is made perfect with some of the most incredible experiences ever. Are you ready to embark on the memorable ride?


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