6 Most Popular Places To Visit In Spain

December 14, 2017
  1. Santiago de Compostela

An old town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Santiago de Compostela is the capital city of the Galicia region in northwestern Spain. The place has a huge religious significance for Christians, as it is believed that it is here that an Apostle of Jesus Christ, is buried. The city is said to have been destroyed by Muslims at the end of 10th century and then further rebuilt in the next century. With its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque buildings, the Old Town of Santiago is one of the world’s most beautiful urban areas.

The oldest monuments are grouped around the tomb of St James and the cathedral, which contains the remarkable Pórtico de la Gloria. The city sees millions of tourist every year for its religious and traditional significance. At the Main Square, Praza do Obradoiro, located in the heart of the city, a number of tourists can be spotted. This bustling plaza is the scene of many important landmarks, particularly the Santiago Cathedral where the tomb of St. James is located.


  1. Valencia

Valencia is considered to be one of the most significant and important places to visit in Spain. Located towards the eastern part of Spain, Valencia makes for a highlight of Spain tourism and must be visited on a trip to Europe. Located by the Turia River, Valencia is a historic city also known for the display of arts and science.

Right within the city complex there are buildings such as a science museum, planetarium, and aquarium that are each artistic marvels in and of themselves. Fallas Festival hosted in the month of March where each neighborhood displays papier-mâché figures of all sizes and colors. In the end, the figures are ceremoniously burned, and the communities party into the night. For every party lover, Valencia is the place to be.

  1. Barcelona

If you are in Spain, nothing makes you feel better than the great capital city. Known for art and culture, nightlife and shopping, Barcelona is the place where you must be headed. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean coast, with an ancient history: the Barrio Gótico (the Gothic quarter) is the site of the original Roman city. Antoni Gaudí’s fantastical, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral Parc Güell, the Picasso Museum and the Joan Miró Foundation are some of the most sought-after works that must not be missed when you are in Barcelona. Shops, bars (and tapas) and great clubs either side of Barcelona’s famous avenue called Las Ramblas make it a popular place to party.

The gay-friendly seaside resort of Sitges outside the town could be interesting for everyone looking to have a unique experience in the capital city.Riding a cable car up to the National Park of Montserrat, and hiking up to a mountain with a unique stegosaurus-like profile is another exciting thing to do in Spain. This place is a must-explore for visitors. With great hiking and climbing trails, a monastery, and amazing panoramic views Barcelona has ample to explore for every avid traveler.


  1. Madrid

Madrid can be mentioned as the heartthrob of Spain. Over the years the ancient city has continued to thrive for the tourists. The entire city has plenty of attractions which include museums and ancient buildings. The Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums in the heart of Madrid are a must-visit. These places have stood the test of time and continue to be a hit among the historians.

With plenty of boutiques, delis, cafés and gastro bar all around, Madrid has the right fix for your wanderlusting soul. Madrid is super cold in winter and covered mostly in snow. The fact that Madrid features among the few European cities make is a popular choice for travelers. Beautiful skies and crisp mountain air in the atmosphere rightly makes Madrid a place for the tender hearts.


  1. Pamplona

The beautiful capital city of Navarre region is located in Northern Spain and is embellished with history. One can easily find the gothic, baroque and neoclassical buildings, churches, and medieval walls everywhere in the city. The city during the week-long Fiesta de San Fermin during which the citizen of Pamplona honors the patron saint makes it a perfect time to visit the beautiful town.

One can also relish the delicious food and bask in the beautiful culture of the city during this period. If you are there you can spot brass bands, alfresco dancing under strings of fairy lights, fireworks and, most famously of all, the running of the bulls through the town’s cobbled streets. The town comes alive and it’s a treat for every tourist planning to visit the beautiful city during this period. You can also savor a classic meal of lamb cooked with tomatoes and peppers, washed down with a Navarre wine, it is a favorite dish of Pamplona otherwise too. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the city which is also known as a highlight of Spain tourism.

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