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9 Best Places To Try Green Tea In New York

July 3, 2017

With ever-growing health concerns and worries regarding fitness and well-being, one is bound to get frazzled as they scroll through several web pages in an attempt to find the best fix. A kind of fix that would put an end to all the health related problems and comes with a promise of good physical, mental and emotional conditions.

While that may be a long shot and might seem unattainable, herbal tea is here to your rescue which is not just a relaxing evening beverage to go with your croissant but is an extraordinary drink jam-packed with therapeutic and nutritional values.

Relax your mind and soul with Mother Nature’s sweet offerings

An endless list of ingredients, products, and foods may aim to focus on your health, strength or your peace of mind and body, but herbal tea has come across as a great tool for overall wellbeing.

Be it beauty, weight loss, strengthening of joints and bones, the release of stress and anxiety, or improving your general health, this infusion will surely reap positive results in a short period of time. From organic chamomile tea to dandelion root tea, you are destined to go crazy with the number of options and the diverse flavors that you can choose from. And if you are in New York, you are in for a comforting treat. The city has an amazing variety of places and cafes where you can sip your flavored herbal or green tea during a cozy evening while reading your favorite magazine or sharing the delight with a loved one.

  1. Bellocq Tea Atelier

Situated in a tiny, silent corner of Brooklyn, this beautifully cozy tea shop has been serving the finest of teas since six years and continues to excel at it. With unfaltering dedication and zeal, this place aims to brew the best green tea, among many other kinds of tea, and puts a warm smile on each of its customers’ faces.

The promise of a high quality, brewed and an organic blend of tea is what it has to offer along with the best customer service.

  1. Bosie Tea Parlor

With a selection of over a 100 hand-sourced and finely blended loose leaf teas, this parlor summons people towards it with the wonderful aroma of hot, bubbling flavored teas and its peaceful ambiance.

It uses only the freshest ingredients and carefully sourced organic ones which inevitably make your cup of green tea full of nutrients, taste, and top-notch quality. With every sip comes a strong hit of flavors which is definitely likely to give you the kick you need to start your mornings.

  1. Ippodo

This place calls out all those people who have a weakness for green tea. It offers a perfect combination of feeling at home and your favorite cup of green tea.

Being a hardcore matcha or green tea lover, you would definitely want to give this place a shot and we assure you that you will exit its doors with a satisfied smile on your face.

  1. Tea Drunk

As the name clearly suggests, you are likely to get drunk on tea seconds after you take that first sip from your steaming mug of flavored green tea. This place lets you create a special bond between you and your tea as you seek to have an exceptional experience and add to your immense tea knowledge.

  1. MatchaBar

If you are looking for the healthiest powdered green tea, MatchaBar is your only answer. From a lemon ginger matcha latte to a simple and organic cup of fine green tea, get ready to tantalize your taste buds with an extra kick of herbs and earthy flavors.

It provides you with a delicate and subtle blend of flavors that linger on your tongue long after you have put it into your system.

  1. Bibble and Sip

Along with offering a wide range of homemade baked goods and hot beverages, the team at Bibble and Sip strives to provide their customers with the best of teas. This place is quite renowned for its flavored green tea especially matcha jasmine and lavender. The wonderful green color of its tea speaks of its excellence and quality.

  1. Sun’s Organic Tea Shop

Tucked away in New York’s most populated borough, Manhattan, this little tea retailer is one of the best places for all the curious and inquisitive tea drinkers who wish to get to know more about their favorite green tea.

It goes beyond the milk and sugar tea and specializes in mixing exotic herbs and flavors to give you a tantalizing experience. It is a delicate blend of premium quality tea which is oh-so-light and refreshing.

  1. Harney and Sons

It sources the best green tea and offers a huge variety to customers; from light and sweet to strongly flavored ones. Offering the most delicious and diverse range of green teas, Harley and Sons goes on to add numerous botanicals to the mixture. While doing so, they serve the most exotic green tea blends which would take you to a whole new world.

  1. Le Palais Des Thes

With a great customer service, the people at this cute shop go out of their way to be thoughtful  and greet their customers with a free cup of tea while they browse through the menu.

Alongside that, they are quite known for their stock of an overwhelmingly large number of tea options where their green teas particularly stand out. It is one of their signature blends of all times and one that simply can’t be ignored.

While you casually stroll around the streets of New York, probably looking for a place to relax and sip a cup of hot coffee or perhaps a warm blend of jasmine green tea, make sure to step in either of these places.

Experience a whole world of delicious goodness of wonderfully brewed green tea along with a soft and buttery croissant or a chocolaty macaroon. While enjoying a peaceful tea-drinking experience, you will also be doing your body, mind and soul a huge favor by giving yourself a boost of energy and vitality.

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