Ajanta Ellora Caves

All you need to know about the Ajanta Ellora Caves!

June 23, 2017

Are you planning for a weekend getaway? If yes, then go for the historic caves of Ajanta Ellora. These two places are internationally famous and attracts hordes of international tourists from all over the world. A perfect place to enjoy, with an aura of vintage, ancient charm, these caves can make you have a brilliant time travel, did you know that?

Ajanta Ellora tour is best for couples, newly married, group of friends – basically the abundant charm of these caves appeal to everyone who comes to visit it. Here are some of the interesting factors you should know for your trip to this place… keeps on reading.

  • The caves of Ajanta are said to be built during 2nd century BCE until 650 CE. These caves were built into two phases. The time period covers a whole lot of diversity that can be traced into the making of these caves. On the other hand, the Ellora caves were built much later. According to the archaeologists, these caves were built 5th to 10th century CE.
  • When you visit the Ellora caves, make sure your guide lets you visit the three distinct parts of these caves- Hindu caves, Jain caves, and Buddhist caves. Ellora caves have always been into the forefront. It was the Ajanta caves which were hidden for a long time and a British solider had accidentally discovered it during the 18th
  • Make sure you get to hear all the interesting stories that are there regarding these two caves. Check out the rediscovery of Ajanta caves and how these two sections have been considered as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO now.
  • Both the caves are not situated side by side. Geographically, these two caves have almost 100km distance between them. Ajanta caves are far from Aurangabad, whereas the Ellora caves are nearby this city. Make sure you have a detailed travel plan if you want to make the most of it during your tour.
  • Check out the visible differences between these two caves. While Ajanta caves were built much before, the Ellora caves are made in more modern times. Ajanta caves are built in a more methodical manner and the caves as well as the paintings on the caves’ walls do represent the Buddhist religion and its dominant culture at that period of time. Whereas in Ellora caves, the existing caves are scattered and there are three specific sections which you will be able to witness and explore.
  • The best time to visit the Ajanta Ellora caves are basically prior to monsoon and winter. Though the winter remains moderate throughout the year, it’s best to visit these places during the onset of winter.
  • Do not miss the archaeological jewels that have been found here. Make sure you make the most of your tour and try to visit as many caves as possible. There are many things to learn from these caves.

Hope you have a great time traveling and exploring the historic caves of Ajanta and Ellora. All the very best.

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