nooks and crannies of Varanasi

Check out the nooks and crannies of Varanasi

June 26, 2017

Varanasi is a very well-known city in India. It has been believed to be the spiritual capital of India. The city is not only one of the oldest cities in the world but it has seen many revolutions and ages. You can experience the glimpse of lushness and magnificence of this city in its tourist’s spots, monuments, temples and ghats.

Just get a room booked in Varanasi best hotels and your trip will be convenient and pleasurable. The city is dotted with historic splendour, contemporary style, natural sites, artistic views and spiritual ambience. Just have a quick look at the nook and crannies of Varanasi

Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar Fort is located just opposite to the TulsiGhat. It is an eighteenth century rotting destruction in dire seeking restoration. But it nowhere means that the fort has nothing to share. The charming pinkish sunset as seen from inside this enclosure is adequately convincing to pay a visit to this fort. It might excite you even more that Ramnagar Fort was a regal abode of the preceding King of Varanasi. The Fort was established by the King of Banaras in the year 1750 AD. The building was endowed with red stones.

Not just this, the old fort is also a home to an antique museum that is popular for its strange collection of ancient American cars, ivory works, a large astronomical clock and medieval costumes. Once you explore the spot, you are going to return with plenty of illumination and charisma. After all, the air of the fort has remained significant and strong all these years. So, while you walk through the major spots of Varanasi, don’t skip this side-lined yet important destination.

Make the Most of Holy Ganga River

Among many different things, you can make the most of boat rides in Ganga River. Through a single ride, you can enjoy a pleasant and widespread experience on the Ganga River. You can carry out your rides both during the time of beautiful Sun rise and beguiling Sun set. The views of varied activities getting performed on the banks and around will steal your mind and heart for sure. So, while you go after huge tourist spots; don’t forget to enjoy the soul of the city of Varanasi.

Don’t Miss Sarnath

Sarnath can be found ten kilometres from Varanasi. The spot is extremely famous as it was wherein Buddha carried out his first sermon after getting enlightenment at Bodh Gaya. Then later on the emperor Ashoka, who was a firm follower of Buddhism, established a stupa at Sarnath about two hundred thirty-four BC. In the succeeding centuries, diverse structures were built. You might get surprised to know that the tallest statue of Buddha in entire India is at this spot. So, if you have planned to satisfy your traveling buffwith the main spots of Varanasi alone, don’t skip this well-known spot situated on the suburbs of Varanasi.

Thus, get the Varanasi best resort booked for your trip and explore every nook and crannies of Varanasi.

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