Resorts near Delhi

Delhi has the Best Resorts

August 12, 2017

Resorts near Delhi NCR are one of the best resorts near Delhi. With an array of facilities and services, they have become hot favorites of every age group. Ranging from high-end luxury resorts to simply affordable resorts, we have the Best Resorts near Delhi.

Fun never ends

At the resorts of Delhi, the fun never ends. There are endless activities to participate in. From indoor games like chess, billiards, table tennis, snooker to outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, handball and even golf, there is a lot to do in these resorts. Some resorts do have a zoo and artificial safari rides created. Unimaginable can happen at Delhi resorts. You would never believe that some resorts can also arrange for small boating rides, camping under the vast sky and barbeque for you. Take a dip in the fresh waters of the pool and sip a wine in these resorts. Some luxurious resorts have customized pools where water is kept at ideal temperature. They can also arrange special pool bath for family and couples. It’s not all. There is much more. Some resorts have special card rooms where you can enjoy some coffee table snacks while trying your luck at cards. Ask for a theatre, yes Delhi resorts do have a mini theatre as well. A game of tombola on weekends or a special performance by famous and local artist too is a special feature of some resorts.

Unwind yourself

No holiday is complete without little relaxation to unburden the monotony that strikes every human. Spa therapy is the cure to all. The spa is a major attraction in all resorts. Many have sauna baths as well. Ayurvedic spas done in many resorts by experts hands of Kerala using ayurvedic oils that relax not just the body but mind. Keep yourself fit while staying at these resorts with advanced gymnasium where you can train yourself under the specialized coach. Many resorts have aerobics and cardio classes as well Yoga session is a specialty of some resorts too. There can be nothing more beautiful than practicing yoga poses early morning, with sunlight bathing you up.

Taste the best cuisines

With international and regional cuisines, the resorts near Delhi are a store house of delicious delicacies. With the finest restaurants, cozy and well maintained, food is the first choice for everyone who stays here. You can get all round the clock cafes and restaurants in some restaurants wheile others have small quick nick fruits and snack placed in guest rooms. Bars are contemporary to colonial. Resorts even have open and terrace bar. If you hve a sweet tooth, resorts near Delhi have bakeries for you.

Resorts also have special festival arrangements like Holi, Teej, Lohri, Navratas, summer parties, theme parties, regional fests arranged in them time to time. With many special offers and discounts, these resorts are one stop destination for all. Book one of the Best Resorts near Delhi, and the moment you enter it, you will fall in love with it. Make your vacation unforgettable, your meeting professional, your conference intellectual, your honeymoon charming, your birthday bash rememberable with the help of Resorts near Delhi NCR.

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