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Experience the soothing nature of Ranikhet

July 6, 2017

Ranikhet is a place where you can experience a calm and relaxing holiday. The place is away from the hustle-bustle and allows you to make your vacation surrounded by the soothing natural beauty. This is the reason why honeymooners and nature lovers prefer this place to spend their holidays.

Though the place is not very crowded, you can easily find some of the finest hotels in Ranikhet with tariffSo, the accommodation never becomes a problem here, which further makes the location compelling for the tourists. 

Majkhali’s natural beauty

A small place near Ranikhet, Majkhali offers a natural beauty that feels like you are breathing with your eyes. The mountains and the shrine of the Goddess Kali are the prime attractions that make tourists come here again and again. 

Magical lake of Bhalu Dam

A few kilometres beyond the Chaubatia Garden, you can find the calmest and soothing place to enjoy fishing. The lake at the Bhalu Dam has a natural beauty that keeps you sit and relax for hours. The activities such as the hiking, fishing, and others bring nature lovers to this place. Also, many people come with their families and friends to enjoy a picnic. 

The hypnotizing Chaubatia Garden

When you desire a picture-perfect view, the Chaubatia Garden is where should head to. This beautiful garden has more than 55 fruits and flower species that offer a mesmerizing view. You can enjoy nature walk exploring the fruits and plants and flowers, which looks beautiful with the Himalayan peaks that look straight at you from the far distances. 

Machkhali Sunset point

Though there are many sunset points, the Machkhali is where you can experience the most rejuvenating views. The location comes when you head to Bhargaon from Jhoola Devi Temple. The sunset view along with the mountain ranges add to the experience of Ranikhet. 

Rani Jheel

This lake was artificially built by the Cantonment Board. The idea was to harvest the rain water. The lake has become a popular spot where tourists visit to enjoy boating and relax with their friends and families. 

Himalayan Viewpoint

The Himalayan Viewpoint is the place to have the most beautiful glimpse of the Himalayas. The greenery of the valley and the mountains with snow white colour become a breath-taking experience for the tourists. Couples love to visit the place and spend time enjoying the weather and the picturesque views. 

Upat Golf Course

When it comes to natural beauty, the Upat Golf course also becomes one of the prime spots in Ranikhet. The high-altitude golf course offers the sights of appealing Himalayan mountains along with the lush greenery. Tourists regularly visit this place due to the calm and soothing surroundings.

Apart from these popular places, there are many different spots that you can visit to explore the natural beauty of Ranikhet.

Now, you can start looking for the resort Ranikhet with tariff and make your bookings. But don’t forget to write the name of these places down, so that, you don’t miss any of the beautiful spots during your Ranikhet visit.

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