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Few off beat tours of India that promise to leave you yearning for more

February 15, 2018

What is India without a few offbeat tours? There are so many places to visit in the country that one is bound to be spoilt for choices. Every part of India has something interesting to offer and if you want to cover the most important and fascinating ones then a few consolidates tours are a must.

So, if you are tired of all the basic and popular tours that people undertake and you want to make sure that you try out some offbeat ones, then here are some options for your consideration:

1. Bangalore-Mysore-Coorg tour: If you want to begin your tour in a metropolitan and end it in the lap of Nature, then the bangalore mysore coorg tour package is for you! Bangalore, a thriving and developing city of South India is especially known for the various treks and tours that you can opt for in and around the city. From Bangalore take a trip to Mysore where a visit to the Mysore palace is a must. This is a really beautiful place to check out. And from there just hop on to a car and make your way up to Coorg. This is one of the most beautiful hill stations of the country and if mists and cool breezes with lush green promises to be nothing less of a healing stay!

2. Darjeeling-Gangtok tour: Well if you are tending more towards the hills of the eastern side of the country, then you have to try this one out. Though this is a pretty popular tour for the people of West Bengal, the rest of the country is yet to explore these places. Darjeeling, rightly known as the queen of hills will give you a heavenly feel and if you want to try out some serious trekking and visit the Changu Lake, then make your way to Gangtok from here.

3. Madurai-Rameshwaram tour: If temple towns are your thing then these are two extremely culturally rich temple towns that you ought to visit. Madurai known for the Meenakshi temple is a sight to behold. When you travel to Rameshwaram do visit the famous spot where the three water bodies- the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal meets. This is one of the most interesting tours that you will come across.

4. Ranthambore tour: Well, if you are into wildlife, then what can be better than the ranthambore tour package? Known for its safari and tiger spotting you can take this tour during the right season to enjoy a lovely stay right in the heart of nature.

5. Varanasi-Allahabad tour: And last but not the least, if you want to unwind and visit one of the oldest living cities in the world then plan for a tour of these two places. Varanasi and its numerous ghats is the ideal place to relax and unwind while in Allahabad you have the confluence of the Ganga and the Yamuna making it a lovely place to visit.

So, these are some offbeat tours that anyone who loves to travel and explore the landmass of India, should take at least once!

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