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Here Are the Most Amazing Places to visit in Dwarka

September 6, 2017

The western most part of Gujarat, Dwarka is a holy place among the Indians and an extremely popular travel destination among tourists. Named as the “Golden City,”Dwarka is regarded as one of the most sacred cities in India and has a lot of folklores related to it.

The name of the city has its own meaning; where “Dwar” means Door or Gateway, “Ka” means “Brahma”. Therefore, the combination of the two words means the gateway to the “union with Brahma”.

There are so many stories and legends surrounding Dwarka and each one fascinates tourists equally. One of the folklores says that after the demise of Lord Krishna, the city Dwarkagot submerged in the river Gomati. Later, it was rebuilt at the bank of the same river.

Traveling to such a pilgrimage can offer your spirituality a boost, and you should definitely pay a visit at this place at least once in your lifetime. Here are a few tourist attractions you can’t miss out on, if you are planning for a DwarkaSomnath Tour

  • BeytDwarka – BeytDwarka, also known as Bet Dwarkais a river island that is located 30 kms away from the town of Dwarka. The beauty of the island lies in the white sand beaches, temples, and the coral reefs. The temple here is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Legends say that Lord Krishna used to live in this temple with his family. This temple is the prime reason why people come to visit thisarea.
  • Dwarkadhish Temple – Built in the sixteen century, this temple is another important tourist attraction in India. The temple is also known as Jagat Temple and is located at the heart of the town. It is immensely beautiful and has 60 pillars and 56 steps. Dwarkadhish Templeis dedicated to Lord Krishna.
  • Somnath Temple – If you are looking to pay a visit at one of the 12 Jyotirlingasin India, you should definitely visit the Somnath temple. The shrine, however, has been destroyed and rebuilt for 6 times. Therefore, people call it the “immortal shrine.”It is also popular for its historical significance.
  • The GopiTalav– The GopiTalav or GopiTalab is a beautiful pond in Dwarka, whereGopiChandan is found. What is so special about this pond? Well, the pond has a story behind it. Legends say thatGopis used to come to this pond to see Lord Krishna and interact with him. The pond is known to be pretty scared among the Hindus.
  • RukshamaneeMandir– Dedicated to the wife of Krishna, the RukshamaneeMandir is one of the most beautiful temples in the state of Gujarat. The temple is named after Lord Krishna’s first wife Rukmani, who was also His most loved. The shrine also has plenty of beautiful pictures that tell the story of Lord Krishna and his wifeRukmani. If you are visiting Dwarka, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pay a visit at this temple, once.

Dwarka is a great place to feed your spiritual mind. Even if you are not much of a religious person, you can visit Dwarkafor its beauty and historical significance.

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