Bhimashankar Temple

Pune, Oxford of the East

June 15, 2017

Popularly known as the Cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune is a city filled with youth, liveliness, and energy. With its traditions rooted deep in its Maharashtrian soul, Pune has welcomed the new era of globalization with equal grace and enthusiasm. It is a delight for all the travelers. One is bound to fall in its charm and be attracted to its beauty

The city is covered with green hills and is surrounded by rivers. One can also experience the enthusiasm of the young crowd in this city and once again reminiscence their youth.

Despite Pune being such pleasant cities itself, there are several other points surrounding it that one should stop at. Some of the places nearby that the people can visit are:


Located at just 109.6kms away from Pune, one can reach this place with ease by hiring a Pune to Bhimashankar car rental. This is one of the most famous temple towns that is present in Maharashtra and one needs to take a pit stop at this place to offer their prayers to the famous twelve traditional shrines ‘Jyotilingam’ which belongs to Lord Shiva.

This city is located Bhorgiri, which is the village present in the Ghat region of the region of Sahyadri. The city is at the height of somewhat 3,250 feet and is very picturesque with the thick rainforest.


Bhimashankar Temple:

One of the famous Jyotirlinga that has still been well preserved in the recent times in India is the Jyotirlingas that is present in this temple. Therefore, according to the Hindu religion, this is one of the most important temples for them.

Surrounded by the lush green forests around it, it is a sight to the sore eyes. The forests of this place are also very famous for all kinds of medicinal herbs that are found there.

Bhimashankar Temple


This one of the most beautiful places that is very close to Pune. The city’s project and architecture are based on the Italian town named Portofino. Covering only 25,000 acres, Lavasa is by far one of the best creations of a man.

At just 57.5kms away from Pune, one can simply reach this place by hiring Pune to Lavasa Cabs. This place looks like a modern day hill station and serves as a perfect spot for any weekend gateways.

Sightseeing in Lavasa:

Lavasa is an excellent example of the work of excellence of the Government of Maharashtra. The place is located at 3,000feet above the sea level and is the place to be to enjoy a relaxed weekend. The natural beauty, when mixed with all the recreational activities that it offers, makes it one of the top most weekend gateway spot.

The picturesque view of the place is such that the architecture is being well complimented by its natural environment. Another thing that will surely take your heart is the climate throughout the year here.

Sightseeing in Lavasa


This is one of the most popular hill stations that is present in Maharashtra. This place is very common among the people of Maharashtra, especially Mumbai and Pune for a weekend gateway. It comes alive with the rains and one needs to visit this popular hill station during that time.

The majestic and picturesque of the waterfalls, hills, and roads will surely take your heart away.

It is located 65.2kms away from Pune and one can reach this place by hiring a Pune to Lonavla taxi.

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