Some Great Trekking Spots Near Bangalore

July 4, 2017

Bangalore is near to some great trekking spots in Karnataka. People from the city are seeking adventure every holiday in some of the several scenic spots in their vicinity. The city features some stunning trekking spots nearby which can entertain experienced as well as new trekkers.

Here are some spots for trekking near Bangalore:

Ramanagara- 55 km from Bangalore

Close to the city, this spot offers chance for wonderful day long treks. The single day treks are of easy level.  Both night and day treks are available.

Nandi Hills- 60 km

It is one of the most popular escape places for Bangalore dwellers. It features a spectacular sunrise point and the chance for a one day trek. Trek is quite easy and offers some great scenery along the way. Trek length is around 2 km.

Skandagiri- 61 KM

It is an ancient hill fortress, located at an altitude of 4430 ft. The trek is 3 km long and is ideal for night trek and bird watching. The fort is also referred to as Kalavara Durga. There are two caves to be explored during the trek. The trek ranges from moderate to difficult and features a stunning sunrise on top of the hill.


Being a slightly difficult trek, Makalidurga provides some stunning views that make the trek worthwhile.  On reaching the peak, the views from the top and nearby lakes are sights matchless in beauty. There is a fort at the top which houses a temple of Siva and is a great spot to explore. At the start of the trek one has to cross a railway track which offers some great scenery from the top.

Anthar Gange- 80 km

It features a temple and a spring that emerges from a hill. Anthargange is translated as ‘Inner spring’. The spring flows through the temple, which is at the middle of the hill. The caves of the place are prominent once you reach the top and they are many in number. This place also suits night treks. The place is at an altitude of 4050 ft and trek is for 4 km.

Kabbala Durga- 80 km

It is a fragment of the Kanakapura range. It touches a height of 2090 ft and is a great spot for sightseeing and trekking. The town in Kanakapura has some wonderful scenery and is famous for its granite and silk industries. This is a perfect spot for corporate outings. Trek length is for 3 km.

Devarayana Durga Hills- 70 km

Located near Tumkur, these hills are a great option for one day treks. This hills station also features famous natural water springs. The trek includes views of best terrains and a gorgeous spot for bird watchers. The 1 km long trek is at an altitude of 3940 ft.


It is the second biggest monolith in whole of Asia, at an altitude of 3930 feet. The trek of 3 km is of easy nature, but windy terrain may make it a bit harsh. But the peak offers some great views to those who take up the challenge of trekking up there. At the peak is the Gopalakrishna temple whose fine architecture is now in ruins but is an explorer’s delight.

These are some of the best trekking spots near Bangalore.


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