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Top 5 Places To Visit Bangladesh

January 30, 2018

Bangladesh can be called a beautiful country from South Asia. It has borders with India and Myanmar. Tourism has not set its mark yet here. And for this very reason, no tourist related scam exists. People of Bangladesh welcome foreigners with open arms. They even try helping them as much as they can. Try to create a list of places to visit in this country is hard. There are many places to visit and you can use the best sling backpack for travel when you do. Here is a look at some places to visit:

1.      Sunderbans Mangrove Forest:

Sunderbans is famous for being the largest mangrove forest. It is also known for being a UNESCO world heritage site. It is located between India and Bangladesh. However majority of it is located inside Bangladesh. It is the home for the last few Royal Bengal Tigers on the Earth. The environment around Sunderban is tranquilizing. Visiting the place can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2.      Chittagong Hill Tracts:

Chittagong Hill Tracts area is a place of natural beauty. It is a place full of natural hills. It is also the home of many tribal groups of Bangladesh. This happens to be one of the best places for adventure travel. You may trek deep inside hills for some days. However you must get permission from the local authority for it. Also you get the chance to meet some of the tribal groups of the country. You can observe their lifestyle. One of the most beautiful rivers in Bangladesh-Sangu locates from this area. Getting a boat ride in the river Sangu can be a great experience.

3.      Srimangal:

Srimangal happens to be the tea capital of Bangladesh. It is situated in the north-eastern part. Once you go there, you will find lush green tea garden everywhere. It is such place where you can find solitude. To put simply it is nice and calm. Cycling through trails inside tea plantations is a great activity. Also visiting Lawacchara National Park can be worthwhile. However trekking to Hamham waterfalls can be a highlight of the tour.

4.      St. Martin’s Island:

St. Martin’s Island is a coral island full of beauty in the Bay of Bengal. If you are a beach lover then this is the place to be in the country.  Local tourists visit the island mostly on day trips. And when they leave in the afternoon it gets quiet all around. You may stay at any resort with private beach.

5.      Paharpur:

It is located in the north-western part of the country. Paharpur is a tiny place. However, it holds one of the most magnificent archeological site in the country. Somapuri Mahabhihara is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a part of Paharpur. This is the second largest of the Buddhist monasteries south of the Himalayas. When in prime, monks from all over the world would gather here for higher education. It has been considered one of the best Buddhist monasteries ever.

These are some places in Bangladesh worth visiting.

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