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What to do in Labuan Bajo: Paradise Bar, Mesa Island, Rinca Island, and Amelia Sea Views

August 25, 2017

Vacation is one of the best alternatives to keep your sanity after tons of workloads you receive from your office each day. In Indonesia, there are a lot of places and activities you can do to relieve your stress. Going on Labuan Bajo in Flores is one of them. You can read further details about what Labuan Bajo offered to relieve your body and mind.

The following list will elaborate what to in Labuan Bajo to spend your vacation:

  • Enjoying some beers in Paradise Bar: this reggae bar is a great place to chill out after a tiring day of touring Labuan Bajo. You can enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the bay of Labuan Bajo and watch the sunset. This bar is notably busy during sunsets. At night, you can enjoy live popular music performed by a band in the bar. The visitors are mix of tourists and local people and you can also enjoy the warm atmosphere of people mingling with each other. The foods are average, the beers are very nice. A good place for beer enthusiasts.
  • Having a trip to Mesa Island: for those who like to have an educational trip in their vacation, going to Mesa Island can be a good option. This island is a tiny island located between the island of Komodo and Flores, approximately 15 km from Labuan Bajo. By having a trip to this place, you will be able to learn about local culture and traditional lifestyle of the native. Once you arrive at this island, you will be greeted by friendly kids around the village. The number of people living in this village is no more than 1500 people.
  • Visiting Rinca Island: this island is the most recommended place to observe the legendary Komodo dragons. You are able to join a hike to explore the island and see the dragons on their natural habitats. The island of Rinca is smaller than Komodo Island, thus the hiking duration is lesser. There will be a ranger for each group of people to guide the visitors and keep them from any harm the visitors may encounter if you meet any dragons. But do not worry, usually the komodo dragons are too lazy to even move their body.
  • Enjoying sunsets in Amelia Sea Views: this place is a popular viewpoint located at the outside of Labuan Bajo. The hill oversee a bay at the opposite of Labuan Bajo. In this area of island, there are not any hotel and resort developments yet, which give a more natural feeling to the scenery. The best time to visit this viewpoint is at sunrise to see the wonderful view of the sun rising through the horizon with the palm trees and green grassland as its additional looks.

The paragraph above already explain about some of the things you can enjoy in Labuan Bajo. Every activity offers their own experience. However, doing at least two of them would be a great idea to unleash your stress if you only have limited time.

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