When Is The Best Time To Visit Australia?

When Is The Best Time To Visit Australia?

September 18, 2017

Planning a trip to Australia and thinking when is the best time to visit Australia?It is not a simple question because Australia is a huge country offering a wide range of climate and weather conditions that are suitable for everyone. The biggest part its opposite time seasons that made Australia an attractive tourist destination all year round because when it is basking in the northern hemisphere, there are winters in the southern hemisphere. So, it is a perfect place for travellers who want to enjoy the hot summers at beaches or those who like rug up to experience Aussie winters and those who like moderate weather.

Therefore, finding the answer to the question when is the best time to visit Australia depends on your interests, budget and preferences. Here is a complete time to the Australia’s weather and seasons that will surely help you to start planning a trip and choosing the best time for travel.

Australia’ Weather and Seasons

Australia is enormous and faces a large variance in the temperature. As mentioned earlier, there are four seasons that are opposite in Australia’s north and south. So, there is always a temperature or climate condition that suits everyone. The spring season starts from September lasts till November it is very pleasant. The tropical northern hemisphere is hotter in January and February whereas the southern states are warm in October.

Best And Worst Travel Seasons In Australia

The Airfare and accommodation rates vary by season, place and also affected by the weekdays. Basically, when there is more demand for or thing or business the rate automatically increases.

Peak Travelling Season

Aussie spring and winters are the peak travelling season. Many people visit Australia in between April to September mostly the northern side as weather is lovely and comfortable during this time. June, July and August are the busiest months as Australia is crowded with the travellers. Airfares are low from April to August but the accommodation is expensive. Be sure to book hotel and tickets in advance and keep an eye on the fluctuating exchange rate in order to the get the best exchange rate. Do some search before travelling and find the ways or companies from where you can get the best rate of , Perth or Sydney.

Some of the popular tourist activities or attractions from March to September include:

  • Whale watching is one the popular tourist activity in Australia and its season starts from March off the Victoria Coast.
  • The temperature drops during April and May and it is the best time for snorkeling and see the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. The weather conditions are comfortable during this season and water is clear so you can easily see the spectacular world’s largest coral reefs.
  • June and July are great months for visiting Sydney’s Park and wine regions like hunter valley, Riverina and ablaze with fiery foliage.
  • It is a great time for visiting its northern territory including Nitmiluk National Park, Darwin and Uluru
  • Visiting Western Australian in August and September is a great time when the wild beauty appears everywhere along the countryside around the Perth.
  • It is the best time for hiking in the Blue Mountains.

Low Season

The time from October to March is usually considered as a low travelling season in Australia because weather is humid, mild or dry or all. Major parts of Australia including western Australia and Red Center are too hot and not comfortable for driving. The northern states including Queensland suffer humid wet season during this time. It is a good time because the there is no crowd and some travelers also visit and get discounts in off seasons. But people who are planning to travel during this season must prepare themselves for flooding and encountering cyclones. However, the potential floods and cyclones can make this worst time to visit Australia.

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